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ACA No Repeal Without Replacement!

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Today, the ACA covers 16.4 million people. What this means specifically for Utah: The uninsured rate has fallen by 31% since the ACA was enacted. That translates to 143,000 Utahns gaining coverage. 68,000 more could also have health care if Utah had expanded Medicaid. 40% of those still not covered, are estimated to have a mental illness or substance use disorder. An estimated 25,000 young adults in Utah have benefited from the ACA provision that allows kids to stay on their parents health insurance up to age 26. Utah could be saving millions in uncompensated care costs: Instead of spending $70 million on uncompensated care, which increases costs for everyone, Utah could be getting $240 million in federal support to provide low-income adults with much needed care.

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the ACA. The reasons for health care reform are many. As the cost of quality insurance grew, 44 million Americans were left in a gap with no insurance. Also, insurance companies could deny coverage for pre-existing conditions or drop coverage upon illness. They could also drop coverage when reaching the annual or lifetime limit. Over 60% of bankruptcies were related to medical costs even though many of those bankrupted had insurance. If the ACA had been allowed to function as it was intended, Medicaid would have been expanded to make it more affordable to  the millions of people too poor to afford health insurance. Many states refused and chose to opt-out. Utah was one of these states.The ACA also closed the “donut hole” coverage gap that left seniors unable to afford their medication or paying out of pocket.

The ACA did suffer rough beginnings and current ongoing issues. Some could not keep their existing doctors under their new plans on the market place. A faulty website kept many hung up trying to sign up and more recently premiums have once again gone up. States that did not expand the Medicaid program that could have offered assistance to their citizens, were left paying these higher premiums.

Whether you get coverage on the ACA, through an employer, Medicaid or individual market we all have better coverage as a result of the ACA.

Jason Chaffetz, as your constituents, we urge you to please consider what repealing the ACA without replacement means to millions of Americans and for Utahns. Please keep our citizens healthy and protected from insurance and big pharma. We need your help!

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