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The Cape & Islands Council has decided to sell 30 acres belonging to Nantucket's Camp Richard to a developer, in order to fund off-island Boy Scouts activities. This is land was donated to island scouts over 30 years ago by the Nantucket Civic League with the intention that it may be preserved for typical Boy Scout objectives: To build character, to foster participating citizenship, and to develop physical, mental and emotional fitness. It was not donated to fund the salaries and activities of the Cape Cod based scouting organization.

Letter to
Massachusetts State House
Director of Finance, Cape and Islands Council of BSA Robert Chamberlain
State Representative from Falmouth and Eagle Scout Rep. David Vieira
and 11 others
President, Cape & Islands Council, Boy Scouts of America Bob MacGregor
Executive Council, Cape and Islands Council, BSA Thomas Perrino
President, Atlantic Development DJ MacKinnon
Senior District Executive, Cape & Islands Council, Boy Scouts of America Amy Zahn
Northeast Regional Commissioner Peter Casey
Northeast Regional Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America Scott Christensen
Scout Executive, Cape & Islands Council, Boy Scouts of America Mike Riley
National Director of Communications, Boy Scouts of America David Burke
Northeast Region Director, Boy Scouts of America Dave Borchard
Northeast Region President, Boy Scouts of America Jason Barlow
Executive Director, Cape Cod & Islands Council Jayson Newell
To the leadership of the Cape & Islands Council of BSA, please reconsider your decision to sell a portion of Camp Richard to a developer, land that was donated about 40 years ago by islanders (Nantucket Civic League) for island kids and the formation of a such a camp to support their development of scouting ideals, a camp that has been supported and improved since by ongoing donations from island business and individuals and run by a dedicated group of local volunteers. Camp Richard is valuable to the whole region as a place where scouts from all over can come and spend time on our special island.

To the regional and national leaders of The Boy Scouts of America, please research this story and learn about the lawsuit that has been filed and consider stepping in to mediate this situation. The facts of this case, though tainted by the money involved, are clear and simple. But someone needs to think about the children, and this is what you've always excelled at!

To the developers seeking to purchase the property, please know that we, as citizens of Nantucket will never forget where this land came from and the opportunities that it represents for our children, and we will make sure that any future merchants that seek to open a business there knows it! On Nantucket, land is our most precious resource, and land that is set aside for conservation is our Holy Land! We will not let you desecrate it without a fight.

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