Justice for Joe Doocey. Joe is an innocent man...

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To The Minister of Justice and Equality Charles Flanagan....

We the people of Ireland demand the immediate release of Joe Doocey with full compensation for the major injustice that he has and is receiving. No more shall the People of Ireland accept this blaytant political policing, entrapment, setting up crimes, hiding murders/murderers, paedophiles and paedophile rings...

Corruption must end. Justice must be serverd.


Joe Doocey has been harassed by the Gardaí.

His only crime was he went out with a Policeman's ex girlfriend. In fact the Gardaí surrounded Joe's house one night in their madness no doubt to do him harm.

The Garda had actually dropped his police baton on the lawn where Joe found it the next morning.

What he was going to do with it god only knows.

What was he going to do???

Who was this batton assigned to???

Is this standard operation proceedure???

These questions are crucialy important,Minister, they must be answered. Gardaí are not above the law, no one is above the law. Do you agree Minister Flanagan?

In fact every member of the Gardaí that was involved in the act against Mr. Doocey and the cover up should be in jail and Mr. Doocey should be free. Would you not agree since you are the Minister of Justice and Equality so is your job to sort this out.

It's important to note here that the people of Ireland will not tollerate renegade Gardaí setting people up, it gives the honest members of the Gardaí a bad name.

The People of Ireland propose a Gardaí protection bill that if a member of the Gardaí comes forward with proof of coruption they receive a bonus and the guilty party/parties receive the full extent of the law.

Would you agree with this Minister Flanagan?

The next morning Joe Doocey was ambushed and rammed by Gardaí in Ballina Country Mayo.
Terrified in case they were going to assault him or worse, Joe did a three point turn and escaped.
People have died in Police custody in Ireland in fact there are hundreds of unsolved murders on the books.

We have video evidence of this and can be streamed from the Éire inniú Anois party website. We also have 100's of master copies so this is not going away.

In this video you will see the Gardaí van ramming Joe's car as he reversed in terror as the Gardaí assaulted his car.

As we seen in the Jobstown trial the Gardaí are acknowledged LIARS and they will fit anyone of us up as they stiched Joe Doocey up.

You can see the Gardaí limping afterwards and he was not even touched are harmed in anyway.

Joe Doocey had to go into hiding in fear of his life, he then returned and along with the People of Ireland decided to fight the corrupt Judges, Gardaí and Politicians.

Joe Doocey is an Irish hero not a criminal. Justice must be served and it's your job to serve it Minister Flanagan.

We the Irish people are all responsible for what goes on in Ireland it has to stop.
From the homeless on the streets, the suicides, the evictions ,the mass emigration, people dying on hospital trolleys or in the back of ambulances it has to stop, or it will only get worse.

The cover up of crimes by the Gardaí, Judges and politicians has to end and they all must be held accountable.

Joe doocey is serving 3 years 6 months, he should not be...It's your job to sort this out Mr Flangan, the longer Joe Doocey spends in Jail the greater the amount of millions in compensation we the tax payer will have to pay him for your department's wrong doings...

LET HIM OUT!!! and set up a full criminal investigation into all of the above. NOW!!!

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