Install solar radar speed signs on east Indian Valley Road, Novato CA

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Speeding along Indian Valley Road is really bad, and installing solar radar speed limit signs would help to reduce this dangerous nusaince.

The speeding is especially in the two straight flat areas near the east (1555-1617) and west sides (1805-1890). The speed limit along IV is 25-30mph, as it is narrow, residences are close to the road, and lots of foot, paw, bicycle and hoof traffic exists.

Speeders are regularly going up to 80mph in the straights, and it is terrifying to pull out of driveways, check mail, trim vegetation, etc., and we fear for our kids and pets. In addition, several of the car, truck and motorcycle speeders have modified exhausts that literally rattle the windows as they go by, often waking up households in the very late or very early hours.

Here is an example from July 11th of a speeder with a loud modified exhaust going 68mph in a 30mph zone in the 1555-1617 area of east Indian Valley Road. (attached is a video clip from this morning of one of the offenders-not the fastest or loudest by far, but turn up the volume and think about how you might feel if this was in front of your house in an area that is marked 30mph).

CHP has performed some enforcement, but it isn’t enough. There a many speeders and only sporadic enforcement.

I would like to ask you to help support a measure to reduce the dangerous and nuisance speeding with the installation of solar powered radar speed limit signs on the straight fast part of east Indian Valley Road (1555-1617), like those already installed on the straight fast western part of Indian Valley Road (1805-1890). Here is an example