Let's connect Johnstown to the rest of the Alleghenies with a cross-county transit system!

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We need to do for our region, and eventually Central to South Western Pennsylvania, what the railway system did for the United States in the early to mid-1800's. ETAL Transfer Authority is willing to open up connectivity and commerce while encouraging communication between the municipalities. When a commute from Johnstown to first Altoona, next Greensburg, then Pittsburgh and all points in between are available, we will no longer be isolated in our economic restraints. When professionals who do business or blue-collar workers who earn a living anywhere in the Alleghenies can reasonably conceive making their home in Johnstown, it will help to strengthen and grow our Greater Johnstown Area economy. ETAL intends to fill every gap in transportation between Cam Tran and Greyhound, when it comes to connecting us to the rest of our region. The citizens of Johnstown should be able to depend on a consistent and reasonably priced commute from downtown Johnstown to the dentist or their warehouse job in Somerset, or from the Johnstown Amtrak Station to the shopping hub on route 30 in Greensburg or Monroeville. The population in our area has been on a constant decline for several years, not because this is not an affordable or economically priced place to live but because people choose to escape the deep well of isolation that entraps the middle class in our communities. The next time necessity calls you to the Pittsburgh Airport, will you be confident about your commute and/or satisfied with your arrangements? Let's connect Johnstown to the rest of the Alleghenies.

ETAL Transfer Authority is a provider of scheduled transportation to the community. At the core we want to deliver freedom, through ease of travel by scheduling your transportation options through our booking application and on-line software. Whether it's shuttle routes from the Johnstown Train Station to our connecting counties; Blair, Allegheny, Westmoreland, or Somerset, or point to point from your home to work or a doctor appointment. Our proposed fixed route schedules consist of 6 bus routes that provides service to 8 theme parks and recreation centers, 3 historical parks and monuments, 5 major shopping malls and centers, 2 hospital complexes, 1 state park, and 1 theater that has no current public service from Johnstown. DelGrosso's, Laguana Splash, North Central Ice Rink, Sky Zone, Idlewild, Soak Zone, Statler's Fun Center, Logan Valley, Monroeville, and Westmoreland Malls are all scheduled stops on different shuttles that run from sun-up to sundown. Our black car service can take you to the Pittsburgh Airport or to a meeting in Detroit or Washington DC. Plus our workforce vans will take employees to their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts for employers across the region.

There is a void in the economic infrastructure of our region that needs to be filled to drive the economy forward. The lack of regional transportation and public connectivity is hindering business growth and industry development. The Greater Johnstown Area exists on an island and that does not have to be so. Once our transit system is supplemented to interconnect the region between Altoona and Pittsburgh, we will then see tremendous economic growth. The first step begins in our own backyard. Such a huge demand requires an immediate, coordinated, and capable response. Such a service, once properly implemented, will render itself indispensable. Failure to do so is not an option. Let's choose ETAL Transfer.