Have Martin Marietta take responsibility for damage being caused by gravel from their pit

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Residents would like to see more done to mitigate the spilling of gravel and stones onto US-40 (Colfax) and I-70 by gravel trucks leaving the Martin Marietta gravel pit.

These rocks are breaking windshields, denting vehicles and making the road unsafe for motorcyclists.  We are also concerned that the spillage is making its way into the Jefferson County sewer system and leaching into our rivers and streams.

We would like to see Martin Marietta do more to reduce the amount of spillage and regularly clean up the roadways affected by their operations.

Discussions with Martin Marietta over the past 2 years has not lead to a decrease in rock damage and gravel dump trucks continue to spill rocks onto the roadways leading to unsafe conditions.

We would like to see actionable spill mitigation steps taken by Martin Marietta as well as enforcement of laws concerning the transportation of aggregates be enforced by C-DOT, the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office and Colorado State Patrol against the trucking companies who continue to violate Colorado State law.