Masks during high intensity exercise

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The Colorado state government is doing a lot to keep us safe from COVID-19, but some businesses are under tighter restrictions than others. The government has allowed exceptions to mask wearing for restaurants, but not for other businesses that can safely operate with proper physical distancing requirements.
We assert that if it is considered safe to remove your face mask while sitting at a restaurant table, it is also safe to do so during high intensity exercise, provided a safe physical distance is maintained from any other person. Small businesses such as yoga studios, small gyms, martial arts schools, and personal training centers are working hard to coach their clients, not just to a higher level of fitness, but also to a higher level of overall health using nutrition education and fitness training. These efforts by small fitness business owners positively impact a person’s defense against diseases, including COVID-19. These businesses are losing members due to the impracticality of wearing a mask during high intensity exercise. A mask hinders your ability to breathe, a crucial part of high intensity exercise. 

We propose that small gyms, yoga studios, martial arts studios, and personal training facilities be permitted to allow their customers to remove their mask once stationed in a designated zone that is a safe physical distance from any other person, as is permitted at restaurants. The restaurant mask exception was made to help restaurants survive the economic crisis, but there is a whole industry of small businesses in danger of losing everything while working hard to improve the health of Coloradoans.”