Allow 3rd party deliveries for breweries, distilleries and cideries...

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Under the Governor's Executive order D 2020-011, retailers who are licensed for on-premises alcohol consumption are allowed to make deliveries to customers 21+. While this has been quite helpful to many of our local breweries and distilleries, we have discovered there is a missing piece to the puzzle:  3rd party transportation and delivery services.

There is already an ordinance in place to allow 3rd party deliveries for retail liquor licensees (liquor stores) and we feel this needs to be extended to all businesses who currently hold liquor licenses. Even though these changes are temporary to existing statutes they have been put in place to ease financial burdens on small businesses who have had to close during the CoVid 19 Pandemic, it still leaves many others in our community unable to continue working.

For BrewHop Trolley specifically, we are unable to resume our regular operations until ALL restrictions have been lifted in our area. The timeline on when that may be will undoubtedly take many more months so we have been trying to get creative with our business model to allow for other services. In doing so we have run up against the fore-mentioned issues which currently do not allow us to make alcohol deliveries on behalf of a liquor licensee. Please help us convince our representatives and elected leaders understand how they can widen these parameters and allow a more efficient, community-centered approach to making alcohol deliveries.