A request for the consideration of Jared and Jensen

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Dear Jared and Jensen,

Over the last soon to be 15 years, the Supernatural Family has expanded to reaches unparalleled in the entertainment world. Your fans are beyond words with love and appreciation for every long hour spent bringing Sam and Dean alive. 

You have also spent hundreds of weekends devoted to the fans at Creation Entertainment conventions. Having been to a few, I can attest that they are truly unique and wonderful events all around. One of the perks is the small and intimate atmosphere that allows for very special interactions. The intimacy unfortunately comes with a cost. For these small events that are very expensive to host, the tickets need to be priced accordingly. It is understandable, and for a lot of fans - worth it, but the reality is that there are thousands upon thousands of fans that just cannot afford this type of event. 

We want you to rest. We want you to enjoy time with your family. Above anything, we care about you both and the last thing this is set up to do is to add any pressure. The single and only goal is to kindly ask that you put into consideration doing a few comiccon events outside of Creations wonderful events. These are much bigger and would allow a significant number of fans to be able to thank you in person and get a cherished moment that otherwise simply cannot. Even one or two a year would make a lot of dreams come true. There are so many wonderfully run conventions across North America in varying sizes. Most offer free panels to any badge holder. Unlike SDCC and Creation, these badges are easy to obtain for a fairly low price range. Autographs and photos are optional add ons for a set price. Sometimes these prices are high, but affordable given the low badge cost. There are events in most cities, and many locations Creation has not been able to stop at. I truly believe you would both have an exceptional time, and maybe feel less sad once the show ends by being able to see everyone and celebrate 15 amazing seasons.

Of course, we completely understand if you prefer not to. We absolutely understand if you need a break from conventions all together. You have given us more than enough for a lifetime. If conventions are in the future, this is simply a request to include a variety of events.


With nothing but love and respect, and 15 years worth of thank yous


The SPNFamily