Against the Reinstating of Aurora Police Officers in the Elijah McClain case!

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The three Aurora police officers who were fired for mocking Elijah McClain’s death in a smiling chokehold selfie near the site where he was attacked by police, are trying to get their jobs back. 

These three officers will go in front of the Aurora Civil Service Commission to appeal their terminations and ask to be reinstated. The sheer lack of respect for human life makes them a danger to the public and they should not be police officers. 

23-year-old Elijah McClain died on Aug. 27, 2019 – five days after being placed in a chokehold and injected with ketamine in a confrontation with police officers. He was detained after a report of a “suspicious person” in the area, but had committed no crime and was walking back home from buying an iced tea. 

Just two months after he died, Erica Marrero, Kyle Dittrich, and a third Aurora police officer took a photograph at a memorial to McClain near the site where he had been detained, smiling broadly and reenacting a chokehold. Jason Rosenblatt, who was present on the night of McClain’s encounter with police, responded in a text to the photo, “haha”. 

These are supposed to be those that “serve and protect” the most diverse community in Colorado. Random acts of violence know no affiliation. Regardless of the aisle, you sit on, we can all agree that a man walking home from the gas station shouldn’t be subject to murder and after not committing any crime. 

Elijah McClain was a son, a brother, a friend, and a light in our community. Many of us are still grieving, but we always put in the work. I’m asking everyone else to participate in the change that needs to happen. That young man was a majestic unicorn in the valleys. 

If these officers are reinstated it will let the world know that Aurora, CO does not want justice to be served for the death of Elijah McClain. Aurora Police Department will be letting down Elijah McClain's family, his friends, and all those who stood up with love and support. 

Unlawful force by police can also violate the right to be free from discrimination, the right to liberty and security, and the right to equal protection under the law. Therefore, we the people are saying, NOT to reinstate these officers. 

Darlene Jones and April Young