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I,Tyson Dlamin, concerned citizen of Malawi from Traditional Authority Chindi,YESAYA Nkosi village ,Appealing to JAPPIE MHANGO, Minister of Transport and Public Works( MALAWIAN) , FOR URGENT   FIXING BROKEN  CHAKAZI BRIDGE.

I,Tyson Dlamin on behalf of Travelers between the Mzimba and Euthin via Bulala road is appealing to government to fix a broken chakazi bridge that has been grounded . Transport along the Mzimba to Euthin via Bulala road got disrupted since January 2017 up to now .Chakazi bridge which collapsed is one of the major bridges on the route in Traditional Authority Chindi and kampingo sibande. Chakazi Bridge, is located in Endindeni zone and Yesaya Nkosi village along the Mzimba- Euthin via Bulala road. The bridge was swept away by flash floods in January 2017 and December 2017 up to now and has never been fixed permanent . The collapse of the Chakazi bridge has forced travelers to Mzimba Boma to take a long expensive route through Eswazini. Travelers who cannot afford to pay the high cost of transport through the Eswazini route, continue to risk their life by crossing the broken chakazi bridge on foot. Many people , Especially around Luperere and Endindeni,Kayishani Ngulube travellers, who are risking and crossing through the broken bridge every day are urging government to fix the broken bridge to save travelers from paying high cost of is so expensive.

But the worst affected people are :

1-- ambulances carrying patients from clinics of Endindeni mission ,bulala and Euthin who are critically ill rushing to Mzimba hospital by ambulance on emergency.

2--Recently, some school children nearly drowned in the river while crossing the dilapidated bridge to school. The situation is discouraging children from attending school.

Pregnant women in the community are also unable to attend clinics for antenatal care due to the bad roads and Chakazi broken bridge.

I,Tyson Dlamin on behalf of Community members I am making a passionate appeal to Government to construct an access road to the community and also construct the bridge to enable school children and pregnant women especially access the basic amenities outside of the community.

3---farmers and Salaula business people who have been using the road to transport their produce to the market. , a resident of Traditional Authority Chindi says the collapse of the bridge has affected business in the area because they are unable to transport their goods to sale in Mzimba town. Community residents are complaining that failure by the authorities to fix the Chakazi Bridge has led to increase in the cost of transport and several people who have risked crossing through the broken bridge have got involved in accidents.A group of young men have however taken advantage of the poor state of the bridge and are charging travelers money to carry them across the bridge. Robert Mabaso says he makes about mk20,000 daily from carrying people across the bridge.

I ,Tyson Dlamin on behalf of Traditional Authority Chindi and kampingo sibande Residents i am making passionate appeal to Government to come to their aid as bad roads and a ramshackle chakazi bridge cut the community from Mzimba Boma .

 I am writing this petition  to bring to your attention chakazi bridge  that I believe is unfair and requires attention.

My name is Tyson Dlamin of yesaya Nkosi village,Traditional authority Chindi.

Your sincere

Tyson Dlamin


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