Stop Japanese prime minister and politicians from visiting the Yasukuni Shrine

What if the German chancellor makes a vow ‘not to start a war’ in front of Adolf Hitler’s grave?

We can see this happening in the 21st century Asia. Three times a year, the Japanese prime minister and politicians are visiting the Yasukuni Shrine and making offerings. They say “it is a pledge focused on ‘not to start a war”.” But we cannot believe what they say. The Second World War criminals corresponding to Adolf hitler lies buried at the Yasukuni Shrine. 14 A-class and a thousand B and C-class war criminals who started the Pacific War, the Nanjing Massacre and the Second Sino-Japanese War are apotheosized at the Yasukuni Shrine and they are deified as ‘Gods.’

Nobody would accept worshiping at a shrine to glamorize war and to commemorate war criminals, as a vow not to start a war. Rather, it makes more sense to interpret these acts as an oath to justify the wars of the past and to dream the revival of imperialism.

We demand the Japanese politicians to immediately stop worshiping at the Yasukuni Shrine. Also, we request Japanese politicians not to head towards the Yasukuni Shrine, but to visit and commemorate those victims of the Japanese imperialism, such as Koreans, chinese, and Filipinos.

shin eunkyung, Seongnam, South Korea
1 year ago
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