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A 9 year-old Vietnamese schoolgirl was KIDNAPPED, RAPED, brutally STRANGLED TO DEATH and her nude body was DISPOSED in JAPAN, a struggling family has been trying to find justice for the beloved daughter while the murderer – a Japanese citizen, despite all the evidences, is still not punished for what he did - even worse, shows no repentance! Due to Japanese Law, the suspect can remain silence as long as he wants and there is no court or official punishment for the crime! Moreover, killing ONLY 1 person is not enough to announce death penalty in Japan!

Does it sound terrible? A same story happened to a Japanese girl and thanks for signatures of over 300,000 people in JAPAN, the murderers had to pay for their crime and justice was made in just a very short time! (evidences here: TV News of this case https://youtu.be/Kf8IG3_K0lk and Form to collect signatures of victim's mother: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/rie_isogai/

However, for Nhat Linh’s case, it is not easy like that (for a lot of reasons) and her family is struggling collecting the signatures to claim the court! (Is it not painful to hear?) Her father has been coming to station every day for 10 months no matter how the weather was, just to ask for help but till now, all they have after almost 1 year asking and praying is only 30,000 signatures, which is NOT ENOUGH to bring the justice – they need minimum 50,000 physical signatures to claim the case so that the murderer can be set to official court with invalid right to remain silence, and also the murderer can be given the highest punishment (due to Japanese law and the process). And the deadline for the validated prosecution is 26.02.2018! If this chance passes, it may take 4 years more to reclaim the case, which is a terrible situation for Nhat Linh’s family due to their financial and spiritual status (read more below)


If you don't want to vote for death penalty of the murderer (only possible with physical signatures), you can still do something for Nhat Linh by signing here! With change.org, It is all about puting international pressure on Japanese government so that they can not ignore this crime any longer and there is more chance to reclaim the court!

If you are reading this, please help the family to collect as many signatures as you can. What happened to Nhat Linh can happen to any child, our children. You know the most unpredictable thing is that: the murderer was the president of parent’s association of Nhat Linh’s school and also lives 300m away from her home! And he also has 2 children at the same age!

More about the case:
While her family is still grieving for her unjustly sudden death, the murderer, arrested over the crime with all the crucial evidences of the murder case (including DNA proof and camera recorded of his van on the way), has been keeping his silence right. “A DNA sample from the victim’s body matched Shibuya’s DNA and hair found in the suspect’s car matched the victim’s DNA, investigation sources said.
The girl is thought to have been strangled, given marks on her neck, and the police seized ropes at locations including Shibuya’s home, the sources said.
In Friday’s warrant, the police alleged that the suspect committed obscene acts against the girl at various locations, including in his vehicle, the police said.
Shibuya was head of the parents’ association at an elementary school in Matsudo that the victim was attending when she disappeared. He lives about 300 meters away from Linh’s home.

“We could not protect her but we will do whatever we can do” to keep the community safe, a member of a group of residents that conducts voluntary patrols of the neighborhood said Friday.”(japantimes.co.jp). sadly, it means that he can be released for more investigation (obviously terrible). A question should be raised, where the justice for Nhat Linh is.
https://japantoday.com/…/man-arrested-over-murder-of-9-year (they deleted it!)