BAN Logan Paul from your country!

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Citizens of the US seemingly have a bad wrap around the globe. As most of us already know, Logan Paul is a nuisance, immature and a poor representation of a US citizen. He belittle's and harasses, not only people of the US, but even more shocking, citizens in their own countries outside of the US. With Trump in office and with Logan's extremely large subscriber base, US citizens are looking the worst we have in centuries! As an American, I personally do NOT want to be associated with Logan Pauls behavior in any form. I myself and a massive % of US citizens go out of their way to make sure they respect other cultures and people especially, when in their country! But when you get a turd with such a large fan base (and youtube won't flush the turd when it clearly break's it's rules & policies)...WELP, all of our respect towards other countries gets overshadowed by the turd's overpowering smell! 

If you don't know who Logan Paul is, well, for recent example, he wen't to Japan and filmed a vlog (video log) showcasing a dead body of a suicide in the Japanese forest. This is a famous location for suicide, and the odds of seeing a dead body upon entering are quite likely. He exploited this poor man who ended his life, probably due to years of pain and anguish! Apart from filming the body, he started to make light of it and throw out his immature and obnoxious jokes in regard to it. This is just one horrid example of his recent trip to Japan. Believe me, there is much more, like buying and putting dead fish on cars, throwing Pokeballs at people walking in the street and at work. Disrupting and disrespecting prayers at a temple and being kicked out, upon much more beyond belief actions. This is just Japan, alone! 

Parents of Logan Paul, where are you??? Parents of the very young demographic of fans of Logan Paul, where are you??? 

This petition is obviously, probably not going to get Logan banned from any country (although he should be) but by signing you are acknowledging that you don't ride with Logan as a US citizen and/or perhaps you are from another country and would hate to see Logan make a mockery of your culture to millions of people on the internet. Lastly, Logan has already come to your country, city, region, cul de sac, lagoon, wherever, and you'd like to take a stand against it...Sign now.

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