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The Japanese are slaughtering whales.

They are doing so without mercy, without compassion, and without a thought for anything except their barbaric tastes and the money they will gain from this butchery.

They cannot be allowed to continue.

Please show some compassion: show them that that you are not willing to sit idly by while they send the Humpback Whale into the void. By signing this petition you will be showing Japan that you are willing to stand up to their global massacre!

Stop buying Japanese products, and don't visit Japan - together we can end this!


Also, please write on the wall of the Japanese Minister for foreign affairs

And show your support with the Facebook Cover

This petition was delivered to:
  • 日本の総理大臣 (Japanese Prime Minister)
    安倍晋三 (Shinzo Abe)
  • 水産大臣 (Minister of Fisheries)
    郡司彰 (Akira Gunji)

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