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Stop death penalty Japan

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It must not be forgotten that life is something that should be protected and reflected upon , not to be taken away by man and much less by the same people who are there to protect us . Japan , stop death penalty NOW 

Being a country moved by freedom and evolution, Japan can't possibly continue with this practice of standardized revenge. 

Please, sign and share this petition to tell Japan to a Stop it and save life's instead.

A Japanese court has sentenced to death Chisako Kakehi, 70, and this is one of many cases where Japan hasn't showed the compromise to life that it has talked about for so long. A courtroom that makes this decision cannot possibly stand for life , we have to save her life and those of many others as well , for it is not a call we can make to end their lifes like it's up to us.

Together we can stop this, stop them , from adding deaths to the list and also to let them know that life , in its simplest definitions, is something to be shared and not taken away .

Prime minister of Japan , Shinzō Abe , we ask you to stop this and to send a messag of hope and life instead of this that you are doing .

We can always do it together , that I know like you do too



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