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Every year from September to March in a small fishing village in Japan called Taiji over 20,000 dolphins and small whales are brutally slaughtered or taken away from the families for a life of captivity. The dolphins are hunted and driven into the Killing Cove by the Fishermen's Union of Taiji, using banger boats to steer them, once they have been trapped and nets have been lowered into the cove, the exhausted and scared dolphins continue to keep fighting, some dolphins drown in the nets while searching for a way to escape. Firstly the babies are separated from their mothers, then dolphin trainers examine and choose the prettiest, unblemished dolphins to sell into a life of captivity. The dolphins that are not chosen are then brutally slaughtered by the hands of the fishermen the dead dolphins are then taken via skiffs are then taken to the butcher house. The meat is sold to the citizens of Japan. Dolphin and whale meat is highly toxic. It contains high levels of the heavy metal, Mercury. This is the largest dolphin slaughter in the world and unfortunately very few people know it even takes place. The Taiji dolphin hunts continue because the fishermen make immense profits from selling some of their victims to the captive dolphin industry. Government officials also allow the hunt because they consider the dolphins to be pests that eat and deplete the fish stocks around Taiji. Dolphin Base Resort houses all the captive Dolphins and they are held in sea pens or concrete pools. Training starts immediately the trainers starve the dolphins so they will perform tricks and in return they receive dead fish that are heavily medicated. We need your help by watching the award winning documentary called The Cove also Help the Blood Dolphins, Dawn to Death and Blackfish. Please fill out the form in the attached link directly to the Prime Minister or IT IS UPTO EVERYONE TO MAKE A STAND

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