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Manhattan developer Janus Property Co. is poised to make big profits from a major development on 125th Street in West Harlem. It is a taxpayer-subsidized development. But Janus refuses to ensure that the building service jobs at their project will have the decent wages and benefits residents of the community desperately need. Janus needs to hear from you how important good jobs are.

• is the chosen developer for a light manufacturing and commercial project set for the historic Taystee Bakery complex, located on 125th and 126th streets, between Amsterdam and Morningside Avenues, in West Harlem

• has already received millions of dollars in taxpayer money and is set to receive more through tax breaks in the years ahead for this project

• refuses to ensure that the building service jobs created at the project are good jobs



Letter to
Janus Property Co.
I am writing to urge you to commit to providing good jobs to the community of West Harlem at your Taystee Building project.

Your company has received millions of dollars in tax breaks and public grants, including a $10,000,000 NYS Consolidated Funding Application award, for this project. Additionally, you will be poised to take advantage of the Industrial and Commercial Assistance Program and financing through the New Market Tax Credits Program, which permits investors to receive a tax credit for investment in community development entities.

But you need to meet the community halfway. We residents of the community have come together and voiced support for zoning changes which would allow for your development project in our neighborhood. But as much as we want to see new investment in our community, we also want to ensure that the jobs created here are good jobs, with family-sustaining wages, affordable health care and other important benefits, that housing in the neighborhood continues to be affordable to middle-class families like my own.

Janus has the leadership and vision to revitalize the economic heart of the West Harlem community. But in order to achieve this goal, you need to recognize the central role that good jobs play. We urge you to commit to paying prevailing wages for building service jobs at your Taystee Building project, located at a historic site, and live up to your stated commitment to economic development in the area.

I appreciate your continued investment in our community.


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