Pull Invokana From The Market

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Pull Invokana From The Market

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Invokana and Invokamet can cause as much damage as the disease it’s meant to treat.

Invokana and Invokamet are intended to treat type 2 diabetes. While these drugs may do their job of treating diabetes, they causes a whole host of other debilitating, life-threatening problems.

We are asking to have Invokana and Invokamet pulled from the market for two simple reasons – they are too dangerous and there are other, safer options.


Invokana is a new type of diabetes medication that forces the body to filter its sugar out through the kidneys. This process can overwork the kidneys, resulting in a deficiency of sugar and carbohydrates that bodies need to function properly. “The body goes into a form of survivor mode where it begins to break down muscle tissue and stored fat…this condition is called “diabetic ketoacidosis” and it’s deadly.”

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Diabetic ketoacidosis is debilitating, as it causes the person to lose control of their body functions and their kidneys to fail. This potentially deadly side effect has been used for marketing in commercials remarking, “You may even lose a little weight”.

Please join us in demanding that Invokana be pulled from the market.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered from severe injuries from taking Invokana or any SGLT2 Inhibitors, you can find out more information at http://www.periscopegroup.com/injuries/invokana

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