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Reconsider the 5 minute delay on 1/22/14

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To the administration of NVOT and NVD:
The recent popular topic of social networking among students is the winter storm which has hit the Bergen area. NVOT and NVD currently have an additional 5 minute delay to their typical midterm schedule. Although it is understandable that the administration would like to continue the school day as planned, we would ask that they please consider the amount of snow that has fallen. Many, if not most, schools in the Bergen County have been canceled for 1/22, due to the hazards of this inclement weather. Students who drive now risk accidents and delays due to the road conditions in the rush to arrive on time to their midterm exams. Those of the students who do not drive must still shovel the snow, an activity which is both physically strenuous as well as mentally taxing. Moreover, in regards to the midterms,  under these circumstances students will have a harder time functioning properly, which will be detrimental to the overall academic experience given at NVOT and NVD. While we wish to respect your decision, we feel that the students as a whole would benefit from a cancellation. 

The Student Body of NVOT and NVD


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