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Clean Up Tallebudgera Creek

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Tallebudgera Creek has become a rubbish dump.  No one will to take responsibility for the large floating mats of domestic, building and natural rubbish that goes back and forth with the changing of tides between the M1 and Tallebudgera Valley.  If it floats it’s there; old tyres, broken esky’s, thongs, plastic bags, CCA treated landscaping logs, sawn up timber and natural debris.  An environmental eyesore of rubbish that either will not break down or will take years to breakdown.  If the rubbish build up continues it will eventually reduce water flow; like a blocked up toilet!  The water flow in Tallebudgera Creek is now pretty much blocked at the M1 bridge by silt and sandbars.  Reduced water flow with increased sedimentation leads to stagnant water, a change in salinity and increased risk of mosquito born disease. Further, with more frequent weather episodes the risk of flood damage to private and public infrastructure and assets increases.  Basic environmental risk management says “fix it before it becomes a problem”. 

Tallebudgera Creek could be a beautiful public asset to be enjoyed by everyone, however, its environment is being changed by neglect and Government (either State or Local) inaction; one blaming the other “it’s not my problem”.   It is a problem; leisure, boating and fishing activities are limited which negatively impacts business and given that children love water, what happens if a child falls in and gets caught up in a floating rubbish mat and drowns.  What would the Coroner say? What would Government say to its neglect about cleaning up and maintaining its asset?  Is it a real risk?  Government would say no! we say YES!!

What is needed?  How about a properly funded annual management system to fix the environment and an IMMEDIATE clean up of Tallebudgera Creek, as a starting point.  Other States, NSW and Vic for example, can do it to protect their assets from environmental degradation; why can’t we Queenslanders?  And don’t let Government say there is no money, there always is money, it’s just how it is used.   We understand that Government wants to promote beaches for the Commonwealth Games, but does it recognise that there an environmental problem at its backdoor and not that far from the beaches.

If you think you are too small and your voice won’t be heard, then spend a night with a mosquito.


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