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The Commercialization of Fairmount Mix MUST END (Cheetos x Popcorn)

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Ok, everybody I want you to close your eyes for a 5 seconds. 






Alright, now reopen them and envision yourself as a mid-20 year old on a cold winter's eve in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA circa 2012. Sounds good right?


Nope! You are starving and all of the pizza places are closed so you are forced to go to the A+ gas station on Fairmount Ave.

You walk in and deliberate to yourself what would be a perfect pizza alternative. You scour the store and end up grabbing two delicious bagged snacks to share with friends... Smartfood popcorn and Cheetos.

Now, these were initially meant to be enjoyed separately but you are a visionary so you decide to pour the Cheetos into the Smartfood popcorn bag. You shake it up, reach your hand in, and...


You have discovered it, the ultimate snack food mixture - perfect for any occasion.

Fast forward 5 years later and your snack creation has developed into different variations named after cities neighborhoods and is enjoyed by friends & family across North America. 

This could be your big break! 







You wake up on December 14, 2017 and are thinking to yourself, "Man, the year 2017 has been a whirlwind. Can't wait for it to be over."

Then you get hit with the lowest of lows, a news story about cinemas releasing Cheetos popcorn coinciding with the release of the latest Star Wars movie. 

This is it. The lowest moment of your life. Hordes of people are going to be flocking to theaters this weekend and are not going to be able to resist buttery movie theater popcorn mixed with Cheetos.


People, this atrocity needs to be stopped. Cheetos are meant to be enjoyed with Smartfood popcorn and Smartfood popcorn alone. Also, it's a DIY marvel where you can choose any Cheetos (crunchy) flavor and mix it up with any Smartfood popcorn flavor. It's an experience that is truly euphoric. 

If you have a soul, you will sign this petition and STOP cinemas from profiting off of such a wonderful thing that was created so organically, for the people - NOT to be sold for $18 and spilled all of the floor of a grimy movie theater.

One Love. ✌

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