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I was severely injured by a contrast dye injection called OMNIPAQUE. The chemical damaged and burned all my superficial blood vessels in my body. It was a toxic poison. A chemical is considered a poison when it affects a body system. It damaged both my cardiovascular and nervous system. Due to this severe injury, my autonomic nervous system activated and I went into compensatory shock. I suffered with profuse night sweats for six weeks following the injection. I suffered with excruciating full body pain, burning, severe aching, cramping and vascular constriction throughout my entire body. All my joints began to swell.  I had chronic blood loss for over 15 months. I was getting blood clots. I was building up with full body edema. I could no longer regulate my body temperature. I did not sleep for two years and was bed ridden and left to die at home. I had both signs and symptoms and was ignored by the medical community. The medical professionals turned their backs not only because I was injured by a pharmaceutical drug, but the main reason I was not provided any medical treatment was due to the fact there are no biomarkers for vascular injury.  How could the Federal Drug Administration approve a chemical contrast dye which is injected into the vessels and which can damage those vessels without a necessary vascular biomarker in case a patient is injured internally.  A biomarker is a measurable substance in an organism whose presence is indicative of some phenomenon such as disease, infection, injury or environmental exposure. A biomarker is an integral part of the drug discovery process.  At 15 months into this severe injury, I was in lactic acidosis, I had a shock index of 0.9 and I had tachycardia and was turned away by a vascular physician.  I was a healthy woman before this contrast injection. The chemical destroyed all my superficial blood vessels. I was provided no pain management or physical therapy. On the Omnipaque drug facts, it states can cause chemotoxic injury to vessels and organs. I want to know how the FDA can approve an intravascular injection which can damage blood vessels without a required vascular biomarker. I do not understand how contrast dye injections can gain approval without a drug induced vascular injury biomarker. How do they pass the first clinical trial?  I was treated worse than a lab rat by all the medical professionals. All contrast dyes have the potential to damage blood vessels. The contrast dye injections need to be stopped until a vascular biomarker is discovered. More people will be harmed and provided no treatment for their injuries. This photo was taken 31 months after my severe injury. I am still suffering with damaged vessels, chronic pain and neuropathy. Let's make a change before more innocent people are damaged by the contrast dye poisons. Let's stop the FDA from approving the intravascular contrast dye injections until the proper vascular biomarkers are discovered. 




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