Insulin For All

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Insulin prices have been increasing tremendously through the years; it was just $1 for a vial in 1921. Now, it is a ridiculous cost of $255 for ONE single vial.

The big three: Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi (companies that produce insulin) claim that the vials produced today has a lot more benefits than before, but this has been debunked multiple times by multiple health experts. The only thing that has changed since is the packaging.

People with diabetes have been paying almost ten thousand dollars annually in order to survive and it will keep increasing if we don't do anything about it. This is absolutely not okay and SHOULD NOT be happening. Many have lost their lives or their loved ones due to rationing or simply not having enough money to buy insulin.

To insulin manufacturers: lower insulin prices. Everyone should have the access to the necessities they need. It is not a privilege nor a luxury - it is a human right.