Decision Maker Response

Janet Rice’s response

May 21, 2018 — Dear petitioners,

I want to let you know that The Greens stand with you, and are calling for the GST to be removed from reusable menstrual products.

The Bill that I introduced to the senate two weeks ago includes reusable options. It defines sanitary products as “tampons, pads, liners, cups, sponges and other products used in connection with menstruation.”

We included reusable products because like you, The Greens believe people who menstruate deserve access to both affordable and sustainable menstrual products without having to pay this unfair tax.

The Bill will be debated in parliament in a matter of weeks, and with crossbenchers already signalling their support, we’re optimistic that it will pass through the senate if Labor gets on board.

I’ll be doing all that I can to ensure this bill passes. You can follow my work and the progress of the bill here:

Let’s axe this unfair tax once and for all!

Janet Rice, Greens Spokesperson for Women