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Ban plastic bags in Mentor Ohio

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Plastic pollution is can be reversible with the effort of each individual making small changes. “In 2014, plastic grocery bags were the seventh most common item collected during the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, behind smaller debris such as cigarette butts, plastic straws, and bottle caps” (2016). They are blocking storm drains, stuck in trees, contaminating the ocean, and causing animals to get suffocated and trapped in them (Adler, 2016). This all started as my lenten promise to stop using plastic bags and now has become my social justice platform for my capstone to reach my goal of My BSN. Lets take this to city council and make a difference in our community! Many other cities have accomplished this in Massachusetts, California, and Washington and we can too! Say no to plastic and yes to reusable bags!

Kathryn Sargent

Mentor oH 

Adler, B. (2016, June 10). Banning Plastic Bags Is Great for the World, Right? Not So Fast. Retrieved March 14, 2017, from

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