Justice for us

Justice for us

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Started by alex m

Travis Wendelschafer has sexually assaulted multiple people. 9 people to be exact,including me. Many people including myself believe that Travis is a threat and has the potential to cause harm to others. Something needs to be done and he needs to be held accountable. 

I am making this petition because we need justice. We need to be heard. It is not right that our abuser is out, still hurting others and not being punished. 

My friend Brytanny Smith (pronouns are they/them) is willing to speak up about their story, and I'm helping them do so. 

Travis Wendelschafer sexually assaulted Brytanny multiple times. They spoke up about it during January/February of 2020. I was there when they reported it to the school principal of Parkview high,in Orfordville Wisconsin. From our knowledge, the school principal, Mr.Greco, has not reported it or done anything to help Brytanny.

Then a year or so later, I spoke up about what Travis has done to me. And he is still unpunished and free. 

After I spoke up about Travis, several people told me about what he has also done to them. They said that they are deeply hurt and traumatized. They are afraid of him. Afraid of being silenced. 

We wont be quiet anymore. People need to know what Travis has done. He needs to be punished. This disgusting monster should be locked up. 

(I will be providing some proof of what Travis has done. You can contact me at @itsyaboial3x on Instagram) 

150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!