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Petitioning Jane Velez-Mitchell

Please air the court preceedings of Kiya (aka Puppy Doe) and expose Craigs List " Free to good homes" lie

Monday, July 14, 2014 is the date for the pre-conference for Radoslaw Czerkawski,the person accused of killing Kiya aka Puppy Doe. Since, it has been awhile since she has been in the news, I feel people need to be reminded of the atocities thrusted upon this young puppy.  In airing the court preceedings it will expose what happens to most "Dogs to good home" ads on Craigs List.  Not to mention, they are also used as bait dogs for dog fighting.  Please help this atocity to end by airing the real story about what happens.   Here is some background on what happened: 




Thank-You, for all of your work with animal rights and please show the court preceedings.


Letter to
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Please air the court preceeds on air to help change Craigs list giving away free dogs to good home. I feel the public needs to know the truth about what happens to a vast majority of dogs given away to a "GOOD HOME". Along with this, hopefully with your help Craigs List will be forced to change how animals are found new homes. My hope is that they be taken off of Craigs List all together. Here is some background on what happened to this precious puppy, named Kiya:

Here is a short excerpt from the above story:

Despite the pain and suffering Puppy Doe had clearly experienced in her short life, staff at the rescue center said she was sweet natured.

'Within hours of being found she had pain medication, food and love. She experienced some tenderness and some care at the end of her life,' Dr Smith-Blackmore said, adding that the dog's injuries were so severe she would have always been in pain if she hadn't been put down.