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Rules for breast reduction surgery too strict: Medical vs. Cosmetic

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Breast reduction surgery 97,608 women had a breast reduction in the US and Canada in 2008. The number of women having breast reduction surgery went up by 9 per cent from 2008 to 2009, that's 6,966 more women, but how many get turned away for the surgery because they do not meet the strict requirements for the surgery?  Women can pay for a breast reduction themselves, but that costs between $5,000 and $10,000. They can even go through their insurance but in some provinces they will not bill the insurance company directly, so you still need the cash upfront. 

The issue being at hand is even if you are deemed as your chest causing medical issues you may not qualify for MSI coverage due to points like a ideal weight, but you can get the surgery if you pay for it. Medical vs. Cosmetic

In 2008 in a article by CBC News,  Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel, a plastic surgeon in Halifax had made this statement quoted below.
"We need to use[the rules]as guidelines rather than something that has to be held strictly to," Then proceeded to state this "I tell a lot of my patients they need to express their concerns to the right people so hopefully we can help them out better, but it hasn't helped with us just pleading to MSI as physicians,".

My Story:
I have been suffering for years well over 12 years now with pain from my chest, but it was always brushed off. So about two years ago I started having lumps appear and go from my chest (painful lumps), bruising, veins popping out and bleeding from the nipple. Eventually the pain has gotten worse that I can not sit up straight, it bothers my work, headaches regularly and even making it hard to sleep. There are days where I am in so much pain and can't move from bed. So I was told to lose weight to have a breast reduction done (because to have it covered by medical you must weigh to your BMI weight) and I have been working hard for almost two years. I am dieting right, working out etc. I went from a XXL shirt to a Large (depending on my chest) and pants from and XXL to L/M. I dropped weight but I noticed I put some weight back on, due to muscle. My doctor says although he feels bad and understands my frustration, which I could see it and feel that he did he has been very sweet to me about this, there is not much he can do because the surgeons  will not proceed with surgery without the requirements for it to be covered under medical. That the policies will not allow it, due to my weight. Now this is what frustrates me, I have been working hard on it even when I felt like giving up I kept going and now I cannot go forward unless I pay almost $9000 because without my weight being at BMI levels I have to pay for cosmetic surgery? This has me sitting here in tears and frustration because for me this is not about "cosmetic" I am not getting them redone because I do not like the shape of them, or I want them bigger, etc. I am looking for a solution to the pain I deal with daily, the on and off bleeding, not being able to do things normally, and to feel comfortable in my own skin again. It is embarrassing when my one side of my chest swells and lumps, as well as painful. I am a artist, it is my way of living and it is now effecting my work (I am a artist).

I am not upset about losing the weight, it was a great life change for me and in that aspect I feel great, but to not be able to get something done for medical reasons  because I need to be rough 125-130lb which means I need to lose 30-40 lbs more (with thick legs that run in my family, thick hip structure, yes I do have a belly but I have come so far ) is frustrating. I believe that this is a problem. This had put a lot of stress in my life and has put things in my life on hold. Not to mention I seen in one article that a lady went from a size DD to a C and that removed 15 pounds right there.

I am not the first person to go through.  I have been researching and I saw another article from 2008 written by CBC about the policies for this surgery are too strict, one lady was turned away because even though she had pain from her chest, her chest did not weight enough grams to be covered. Another was turned away for the same reason I am.

Myself and many others are feeling that it is unfair to either keep trying to fit in their expectations of "healthy" by the BMI weight or pay. Even doctor's have told me they feel it's not 100℅ fair for different situations. 

To me it is coming across (and to many others) that you either have to be this unrealistic weight (that seems outdated, wrong and not everyone at a certain height and age will ask be around that weight) for it to not be cosmetic, if not you have to pay for it and then they will do it for you. 

I am looking for people to join me and bring this to the Ministry of Health's attention.  Something needs to be done about the strict requirements for this surgery. There should be new guidelines put in place to be considered for this surgery such as a Physician notice,  etc. Not these strict and almost unrealistic measures.

Thank you

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