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Provincial HealthCoverage for Psychotherapy

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As a person would go to a hospital to remedy appendicitis a person with mental illness should have the option to seek professional help at no cost to assist them in remedying their mental health. As you are aware the cost of psychotherapy is bar none the highest out of pocket patient cost of therapy for mental illness aside from an inpatient institute yet, studies have shown psychotherapy to be the most effective treatment above medications and all other forms of community services. I pose the question,  why then is it soo far out of reach to those who need it?? While some people who suffer from mental illness can live a productive life holding down a well paying job and having access to extended health care benefits to off set the costs, most are plagued with the inability to interact socially in a productive manner prohibiting them from either obtaining a job or thet are working a minimum wage job that barely allows them to afford to live let alone pay for crutial treatments for their future success. I believe this is detrimental to not only the sufferer of mental illness by not allowing them fair access to all treatments available but also to our society as the burden cost of people being in hospital, on disability or social assistance due to mental illness is astronomical. I also believe that by providing full coverage under provincial health we would see a decrease in these numbers and see an increase in people with mental illnesses getting the help they soo desperately need to lead  more full filling lives. Having access to proper long term treatment seems like a very basic right with huge benfits for all!  Lets Give Mental Illness a new name lets make it Mental Wellness! 


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