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Legalize existing in-law units in San Francisco

San Francisco and the surrounding area is in a precarious housing shortage and is in desperate need of additional stock in the housing market. The rapid rise in rents is pushing some of the city's most colorful and diverse residents out of our community and creating increased class tension between it's different communities.

While there are many dimensions to the shortage, legalizing existing in-law units would provide some much needed housing stock to the city, would encourage current property owners to remodel and contribute more housing stock to the market, and provide additional revenue for finding solutions to the current crisis.

As stated by SPUR (the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association)":

"SPUR has long advocated for in-law units as an efficient and sensitive way to increase density in San Francisco while respecting neighborhood character. In-law units typically have little visual impact, are distributed throughout the community, are cheaper to build, and provide a range of housing opportunities that meet a variety of needs in the community."

For more information, see SPUR's report on Secondary Units.

We have a long way to go, but this is a good step along the way. Support this petition and join me in trying to preserve San Francisco's diversity by trying to make room for everyone.


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