6th schedule for Ladakh UT for protection of Ladakh's fragile environment

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Since the parliament session has started, it's high time for people of Ladakh to raise their voice for what they were promised. BJP was voted to power by people of Ladakh as they promised to give union territory status with 6th schedule. Now that union territory status is granted, the promise of 6th schedule is nowhere to be seen.we are not demanding anything extra,we just want waht we deserve and what you promised. 

We want 6th schedule just to protect our environment.as we all know that Ladakh is a fragile place with vely low vegetation, it has very low carrying capacity as compared to other places.if 6th schedule is not granted to then anyone can come to Ladakh and start anything like (industries, hotels etc) which will automatically have an adverse impact on Ladakh environment and income of ladakhi people. being a student from Ladakh its my outmost responsibility to spread awareness on this. As the saying goes"prevention is better than cure" we must act before we are struck by another disaster like that of leh cloudburst.

I hope our honourable prime minister and his keep their promise and deliver it in the winter session of Parliament. I urge everyone to us to reach our voice to prime Minister narendra modi and our MP JTN  so that they can save Ladakh from any disaster threat because we belive development and sustainability should go hand in hand