Keep Pre K at Prairie View Elementary

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We need to keep the Pre-K and EdVenture Club at Prairie View for 2018/2019 school year and beyond. Removing Pre-K from Prairie View would be detrimental to the students and community that Prairie View serves. The taxpayers and the community have thought that this was going to be a Pre-K through E8 since before they broke ground, which has brought in new taxpayers to the community.  Families and small children from our community are now being told that they can no longer attend Prairie View for the upcoming school year which has caused emotional stress and is heart breaking. Toddlers internalize this and wonder what they did wrong and why they can't go anymore.

1.     Our community is booming with young families. These families buy/build new homes with young children, who have watched with excitement, as the school was built. Many have enrolled or made plans to enroll in the Pre-K and Elementary.

2.     Current students have given up their previous spots at other preschools, to be a part of and support Prairie View Pre-K. This is to ensure students will be set up for adapting into Kindergarten.

3.     Breaking up preschool and grade school children would force families to make difficult decisions regarding logistics while both parents are working. This is causing many people to consider STMA and other options. 

4. If Pre-K was not a guarantee from the beginning, why even offer it in the inaugural year?  Why were our preschoolers your test subjects? 

5.     Kindergarten is a big transition for children. Why not give them stability so that they don't have to switch schools?

6.     Switching schools and environments at such a young age is difficult.  Change is stressful for young children and the Pre-K current and future students deserve that stability and support from their school district. 

7.     Prairie View was sold to the public as Pre-K through 8. The perception was never that the community had to choose Pre-K or Middle School.

8.     Many families changed jobs, schools and daycare programs to come over to the new school.

9.     The future of EdVenture club in Prairie View is unknown for the summer.  Many families depend on this program as a resource to support our communities working families. With the booming economy and the growth of the area surrounding the Prairie View school, the lack of summer childcare will put a strain on an already challenging childcare market.  

10.     Moving the Pre-K to Otsego Elementary is way out of the way for many families. For families that can manage, there will be an addition fuel cost to their family budget.

11.  The Pre-K students have finally adapted to the environment and lunch system at Prairie View. Moving them to Otsego Elementary for a year and then back is too much change for our youngest students.  The current preschoolers have already made friends and love seeing their siblings during the day and at the programs.

12.  They held the big ribbon cutting and open house to build excitement in the community. The kids and families got their hopes up and made plans accordingly to just be let down.

13.  If we kept Pre-K, maybe it would allow Community ED, to keep EdVenture Club on that wing for summer as well.

14.  If Pre-K doesn’t come this year and they say they “hope” it will come back in 2019, how can the community feel secure about the school and the program? 

15.  Kids do great with schedule and routine. Flip flopping years is setting the District and it's students up for failure.

Please consider signing this petition. We would love to have you join us on January 22 at 7 p.m. for the school board meeting. The meeting is held at the School District office located at 11500 193rd Ave NW, Elk River. We appreciate your support for our kids and your voice matters.

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