Discrimination in Jamia Millia Islamia

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My brother applied for Btech in JMI under the nri quota, and later he even got his name in the merit list i.e the list of selected students for the admission. When we went for the admission, we were told that he isn't eligible for admission under the NRI quota because my father isn't currently employed abroad. He came back to India on April 10, 2018 and as per the section 6 of IT act, he is NRI until he completes 182 days in India. But JMI refused to follow the Income tax norms stating that Income tax doesn't decide who is eligible and who isn't. We were called again and again to the university and were asked to submit various documents which we surely did. My father and my mother were left unattended for hours, saying that the dean is busy or he isn't available when clearly we could see the dean sitting inside. We asked them for proof that why isn't my brother eligible because as per their prospectus of 2018, he was submitting every required documents and was clearly eligible. The foreign advisor who should be helping us out in this situation, threatened my brother that his admission would be cancelled and gave lame advises to my dad that he should go back abroad if we want admission. He even said that if my dad were a buisnessman he would have helped us. For about 2 weeks we were in Jamia every next day. Later they told us that they will not give my brother admission as he isn't an NRI but we refused to accept it because we clearly were. The student advisor said he'll be sending the case for legal opinion on 12th july 2018. Today it's 15th august and there has been no report from the legal cell, we have called the university 100 times to ask if there's any progress but no one has picked up the call. The assistant registrar said he wants us to mail him any high court or supreme court rulling to support the section 6 of IT act which is so absurd. Their lawyers haven't submitted any report and now they want us to give them proofs when we already have the NRI status certificate.

During all the process, we were being harassed and humiliated just because my brother is a hindu and the institution isn't comfortable giving their valuable seat to a hindu. His career is being compromised due the discrimination of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Its Independence day, but we aren't independent enough to take admission in our desired college even after scoring 93% in cbse boards.