Removal of NJ Public School’s Racist “Indian” Logo

Removal of NJ Public School’s Racist “Indian” Logo

122 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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Jamesburg Board of Education

Why this petition matters

Started by Anna Cordova

Sign this petition to urge Jamesburg NJ Public Schools to change their racist “Indian” mascot/logo. 
This petition will be presented at the next Board of Education meeting on February 17th, 2022. 


Some of my relatives are students of these schools and I recently found out while looking at their school calendar of the unacceptable and racist logo.
As someone who is indigenous to Abya Yala, has been mocked, disrespected & sexualized for my Native features, and someone who experiences racism far too often in this town, it is my responsibility to push to make this necessary to end this racism. BUT I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE.
I am calling on all kin and allies to help me and sign this petition to end the blatant racism the Jamesburg BOE is teaching youth and families.
May the change happen swiftly. I want to further strengthen indigenous sovereignty on Turtle Island and to make these sacred lands a safe place for all kin.

If you are Lenape or First Nations and would like for me to create a space for you to be heard and seen by the BOE please DM or email me. It is TOP priority for you to have a say on this racist situation.
May we work together to find the solutions to reclaim these lands, our sovereignty, and empower our youth!

All love to all my relations!

Here is a link to their merchandise page where you can view all Jamesburg School’s racist merchandise:

It’s 2022 and indigenous people are still fighting for our rights and identity. Public Institutions, especially schools on Native Land should NOT be teaching the youth that the genocide of indigenous people can be used as a mascot/logo. The Board of Education decisions to use an “Indian” with a headdress as their mascot/logo is racist on all levels. The Jamesburg BOE is disrespecting not only the Lenape people but all indigenous kin. The BOE is selling merchandise with these logos to families.

Our culture is not someone’s costume. We are not mascots. Our regalia is sacred. Our children are sacred.


122 have signed. Let’s get to 200!