Save Eastern Michigan Wrestling Program

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EMU Wrestling is one of only four division 1 wrestling programs in the state of Michigan. Their program is being cut in an effort to save money but there have been large donations to the wrestling program specifically to keep it in recent years. This has been a gross mishandling of finances by the board if a program with plenty support has to be cut to cover other areas of the school. 

EMU had two all-american wrestlers in the 2017-18 season. The cutting of the program coming just days after these young men earned those all-american honors at the NCAA national championship tournament. 

This program needs to be reinstated, the sport of wrestling needs our help. These young men who work so hard do not need to be punished for the actions of others. 

The university spent millions just to turn their football field turf gray but they are cutting these programs to save about half of what they spent on the turf.