Build New Tennis Courts at UNH

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The University of New Hampshire tennis courts are in hazardous and unattractive conditions, riddled with major cracks and holes. Due to this issue, four of the six courts have been deemed unusable due to safety concerns. These courts were utilized by the UNH Club Tennis Team, students, faculty, and the surrounding community for casual play, competitions, and local recreation lessons. Not only do these cracks cause twisted ankles and inconvenienced play, they also create a massive eyesore on display for Main Street. 

This past summer, UNH was set to break ground on the project, but was delayed indefinitely after cuts were made to funding. Our community needs as many signatures as we can to show President James W. Dean Jr. the public believes this should be a priority! Tennis players of all ages and abilities should be able to experience and explore the sport without worrying about injuries, and the University would look far better with shiny new tennis courts next to Wildcat Stadium. Thank you all and go cats!