Hormel: Stop Mutilating Pigs and Cramming Them into Tiny Crates

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Urgent: Mother Pigs Need Your Help!

Thank you for signing the petition calling on Hormel Foods to stop mutilating pigs and cramming them into tiny crates. This horrific animal abuse by one of the largest pork producers in the U.S. cannot be allowed to continue. Brave undercover investigators at Mercy For Animals brought this cruelty to light. Now we need to complete the job by getting Hormel to remove the worst forms of animal abuse from its supply chain. You signed the petition to Hormel because you care about animals. You don’t want mother pigs to spend nearly their entire lives in tiny, filthy gestation crates. You don’t want baby piglets to have their tails chopped off or their testicles ripped out without pain relief. Together, we can stop these horrors. Please stand up for mother pigs. Donate now to support Mercy For Animals’ critical work to end this abuse. A donation of any size will help end their misery: https://donate.mercyforanimals.org/checkout/donation?eid=132603 Sincerely, Mercy For Animals PS: On behalf of the mother and baby piglets locked away in Hormel’s factory farms, thank you for standing up to protect them: https://donate.mercyforanimals.org/checkout/donation?eid=132603

Mercy For Animals
5 years ago