Requesting F.B.I. to Conduct a Welfare Check and Open an Investigation - County Corruption

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We are requesting first and foremost that the Federal Bureau of Investigation perform a welfare check on two McCracken County children. The use of a Petition is because the request itself is a little unusual; typically the Sheriff's Department and Social Services are your go-to-crew to perform a welfare check. However in this case to ensure the safety of 9 year old Kadence and 8 year old Christopher Samples Federal intervention is necessary.

The mother of the children is currently denying a court ordered visitation and safety check with the children's grandfather. Every time their mother has denied visitations in the past it was discovered that she was concealing the marks of child abuse by her meth-head boyfriend.

Black-eyes, whelp marks... What is it this time? We don't know yet  

 Local agencies finding acts of abuse/neglect equates to substantial liabilities for themselves. In this case if they find abuse their own agency is liable for the damages! The father of the children has documented many unlawful & unethical acts and several acts of judicial misconduct that resulted in the abuse of the children in the past. That's become an embarrassment for the agencies in the area.

James states that it is not his intentions to embarrass the agencies he is simply trying to protect his children.   

We are also requesting the F.B.I. open an investigation regarding the claims made by James Samples on www.Judicial.Center - bullet points of the corruption

  • Sheriff knew that his "Confidential-Informant-Meth-Head" (boyfriend of the children's mother) was using and that the children was stuck in a meth-house of the Sheriff's making
  • Social Services committed perjury
  • Judge Admits That She Accepts Perjury
  • Another Judge Denied the Dad a Chance to Testify or Present Evidence - She Then Tried to Seal the Record. The Dad Managed to Get a Copy
  • Many Acts of False Arrest and Judicial Misconduct
  • Attorneys filing false police reports, withholding discovery to help conceal crimes by other attorneys...
  • Officers making false arrest, allowing the C.I. to threaten the life of the witnesses...

 The corruption has become endless as officials try to cover for each other and threaten the Dad for exposing them.
NOTE: This petition is not to embarrass any one. We simply request that the F.B.I. perform a welfare check on the children and open an investigation regarding the child endangerment, violation of the RICO Act and other crimes.

We also request the U.S. Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division take action to restore the Constitutional Rights of these children and ensure no other children become endangered in this manner.

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