Request the F.B.I. to Investigate & a Presidental Pardon for James Samples

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A year ago I asked for 50 friends to join me in my request of the F.B.I. to perform a safety check on my children and investigate the allegations that I was making regarding vast corruption in Western Kentucky. My children are now slightly safer. However, it's now been over 24 months and I'm still bouncing around overseas to abate the false arrest, assaults, denial of due process... 

I exposed local corruption in a bid to protect my children from an abusive meth-house that the Sheriff at the time was responsible for. 

Perhaps I was in error by stopping my Petition once I obtained the 50 signatures that I requested. 

Just prior to my departure I was charged with:
falsifying a police report,
impersonating an officer,
threating a participant in the legal process,

Upon informing my attorney that I had complete recordings during the time of the false allegations and was prepared for whatever the details are, the courts withheld Discovery (details of the allegations) from me for nine months. I was incarcerated, assaulted and told to remove everything from the internet. After nine months of being incarcerated; while being denied the details, I entered the bogus guilty pleads demanded of me and boarded a plane to Finland.

Note: Guilty Pleads made under duress are NOT valid! 

I'm blessed to have owned a surveillance company at the time the vast amount of corruption was going on. Due to the vastness, I'm listing links to sites regarding additional attacks & corruption as opposed to trying to list it all on a single Petition.

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