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Reinstate Richard Brock

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Petition To Reinstate Richard Brock As President Of The Halton Elementary Unit.


Whether one supports or opposes OECTA’s MoU, one cannot deny that it has brought terrible dissension in its wake. This rancour and division has led directly to the removal of Richard Brock from office through procedures and processes that were unfair from start to finish. Below you can find a point form brief summary of the case and if you prefer more detail, we refer the reader to John Cafferky’s article


 A petition is one of the increasingly limited democratic ways we can make member wishes known to Provincial OECTA.  It is our hope that people will embrace this opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction at the terrible injustice that has been inflicted upon our brother union member.


I strongly urge all citizens to sign the justice committee's petition and let OECTA Provincial know that we all want OECTA to be a union that is a democracy, and a democracy that safeguards the interests and rights of all its members, including the rights of President Richard Brock, as it is mandated to do.


                                Summary of the case of President Richard Brock


As president of Halton Elementary he tried to defend his members and their benefits against the one size fits all brush of provincial bargaining enshrined in the MoU.

He was charged with an offense that he did not actually commit!

 He was removed from office by an appointed discipline panel that  was improperly constituted.

He has had all of his OECTA rights and privileges removed, yet he must still pay OECTA dues.

 The discipline panel that heard the case refused to disclose their guidelines or manual to the defense.

 The discipline panel refused to hear any of witnesses that Mr. Brock had available at the hearing. They were locked in a room and kept incommunicado. Even President James Ryan,himself, was locked up as a witness for the defense!

 He was charged with “not promoting the interests of the Association” through his opposition to appending the MoU to the local contract, yet the OECTA publicly agreed with TSU and other units not to append the MoU.

 The Provincial Executive never warned Mr. Brock that he was “not promoting the interests of the Association”; thus, he was charged and sentenced without receiving any cautions (contrary to the standards we demand of our employers).

 President Brock was not allowed to have legal counsel although his (25 year) lawfully elected position was at stake.

 The discipline board handed down a guilty verdict and imposed a punishment that is wildly disproportionate to the alleged offence

 How you can help.

We want to collect as many signatures on the petition as possible of people who like rule of law and due process in our union.

                                      The petition reads 


In recognition of OECTA’s wrongful dismissal of President Richard Brock of Halton, WE, the Undersigned,  understand that an injustice has been perpetrated in the name of OECTA and request that President James Ryan and the Provincial Executive:


 1. Restore Richard Brock as Halton Elementary Unit President, acknowledging that his “trial” lacked fairness, transparency, and due process; that the discipline board lacked the authority to try him; that our Association opposes rather than perpetrates unfairness and inequality; that all members have a moral duty both to combat and to right injustices committed in the name of our Association.


 2. Undertake to govern in accordance with the constitution and by-laws of the Association, promoting democracy, member rights and following the rule of law within OECTA.


 3. Respect the right to free speech of all members.


4. Commit publicly and unreservedly to treat all members fairly and with due process, undertaking a disciplinary process that exhibits transparency and impartiality; that embodies fairness and justice; that clearly complies with the standards of administrative justice in Ontario and follows all the rules in the OECTA Handbook.


5. Admit in writing that the discipline board which met in February before the 2012 AGM did so without any Provincial Executive having appointed any of its members, and met without the knowledge or approval of the Provincial Executive of that year, and that the report they produced while not a legally constituted board is out of order as is true for any report submitted by a any group that was illegally called to meet.

 Also see article

 For further background information do a search of Richard Brock at

 Link to OLRB case for ratification vote by OECTA teachers and other member rights which Richard sought




                                                            FREE RICHARD

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