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Please change Canada’s anti spam legislation – CASL – to reflect what it was intended to curtail and not to affect legitimate businesses.

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Canada’s Misguided Anti Spam Legislation... Can your business afford millions of dollars in fines for legitimately communicating with or developing new contacts?

We need to call on the Canadian government to change Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) to reflect what it is intended to achieve and not irresponsibly burden important economic drivers such as small businesses.

As it stands, effective July 1st, the law will make it expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible for businesses to send legitimate commercial electronic messages (CEMs) to potential and existing customers and business contacts.

Industry Canada’s Info page on CASL - makes it clear the legislation is not intended to affect legitimate businesses... but, it does.

The new law is intended to target egregious spammers of porn, phishing e-mail messages and those carrying malware.

None of us need more e-mail cluttering up our inboxes, but most legitimate businesses manage their commercial electronic messages responsibly and many small businesses, especially new ones, rely on electronic messaging to keep in touch with their potential and existing clients and do provide (or could easily provide) a one step “unsubscribe” option on all commercial electronic messages.

As Of July 1st, under the new law, every business will be tasked with obtaining what is termed ‘express consent’ to communicate by means of commercial electronic messages with their contacts. Express consent must include a record of each contact agreeing to receive specific electronic messages. And, after July 1st, requesting express consent via an e-mail message will be illegal.

Fines are severe for failing to comply… up to $1 million for individuals and up to $10 million for a corporation.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Leglislation Will Hurt Legitimate Canadian Businesses – please sign this petition, share it with your facebook friends, your twitter followers and tell our government representatives to change this misguided legislation and not risk severely damaging legitimate businesses.

According to Allen Mendelsohn, a Canadian lawyer specializing in internet law, Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation CASL, coming into effect July 1st, 2014, is a joke because it will do nothing to stop the onslaught of porn, drug and phishing e-mail messages Canadians receive, mainly from overseas. 

Instead, it presents an unintended, unfair and expensive burden on legitimate Canadian businesses – small businesses in particular.

For more info on Canada's new anti-spam legislation, check out Open Jaw's video interview.

The following officials are also responsible for enforcing the CASL legislation: 

Minister of Canadian Heritage & Official Languages, (responsible for the CRTC) Shelly Glover -

Privacy Commissioner ad hoc John Simms c/o:

Competition Bureau, Commissioner of Competition, John Pecman:

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