Let disadvantaged Victorian school students keep their laptops and tablets.

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The Victorian Education Minister must allow every Victorian school student who has received a laptop or tablet from the state government to learn from home, to keep them.

The government has loaned over 50 000 tablets and laptops to disadvantaged Victorian school students to allow them to learn from home during COVID-19.

What is concerning is that so many Victorian school students were already without access to laptops, devices or the internet at home.

Being able to work on a computer or access the internet at home is essential for any school student regardless of whether they are learning from home or at school.

Any student without this is automatically at a disadvantage and no student can properly participate in their schooling and their learning without it.

There has been evidence that in some instances access to a computer and internet at home has significantly increased attendance amongst school refusers.

It is would be completely counterproductive for the government would require students to give them back after the pandemic is over.

We urge the minister to allow students to permanently keep the laptop or tablet and to ensure that all Victorian school students have access to a device or the internet at home.