Make Captain America Great Again!

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For several decades, children and adults alike, have thrilled to the heroic exploits of Marvel Comics icon, Captain America. He always embodied the best of the American Dream and was a symbol for liberty and freedom around the world. But now, Marvel has destroyed this, by claiming Captain America was always secretly a Nazi spy! Making him a part of everything the character has stood against for almost 80 years! Cap's co-creator, the legendary Jack Kirby, was not just responsible for creating this heroic patriot, but was himself a soldier in WWII. He fought the actual Nazis. To do this to his creation, spits upon, not just his creative legacy and one of his more beloved creations, but upon his love of his country and the values the character embodies, from his service fighting one of the greatest evils the world has ever seen. It also insults every fan of the character, saying they have been supporting the very evils they watch Captain America battle for decades!

This cannot stand! A message must be sent to Marvel Comics and their parent company Disney. They must know that this action is completely unacceptable. By signing this petition, you are telling them that this degradation of a piece of Americana must stop! That they are to restore Captain America to the freedom fighting hero he has always been, since the days of his creation! With all the real issues fracturing the people of this nation, to do this to one of the few symbols that has helped to bring us together is irresponsible and unconscionable!

Show Marvel and Disney there are consequences to actions like this! Boycott their product! Demand the writer be removed and someone who will show the respect and consideration that is due this creation be put in charge of his adventures! Only by actions, can we hope to stop this senseless debasing of our iconic symbols. Captain America isn't just some IP creation, to be ruined at the whims of a few. He belongs to all Americans. He is the best of us! He is the epitome of our shared values and culture. He is the representation of what America can be! Help restore this character and the heroic ideals he has embodied for generations of kids and adults! Help make Captain America Great Again! Thank you!

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