EMS Workers need your support urgently!!

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As many of you know, Emergency Medical Service workers are professionals who train thousands of hours to quickly remedy any medical emergency you or your family may encounter. They respond to any situation no matter the weather, time of day or night, and many times without regard to their own safety or health. Yet despite all of this, EMT's at Mohawk Ambulance are paid $12.51 per hour. Many with no benefits. On top of the poverty level wages, EMT's at Mohawk Ambulance are forced to work mandatory overtime totaling 24 hours straight or more. We have seen tragic consequences of working 80 hours a week or more with little to no sleep. Just last year, an EMT fell asleep at the wheel resulting in an accident which led to the death of a patient. Just a few weeks ago, another EMT fell asleep resulting in a crash with a fire hydrant in the city of Albany. Rather than work through the problem, Mohawk Ambulance fired the employee and suspended her partner 10 shifts. UPSEU Local 1222, which represents the employees of Mohawk Ambulance has been in negotiations since March. To date, Mohawk Ambulance refuses to even put a wage proposal on the table. Soon, EMT's at Mohawk Ambulance will make less than fast food workers. This can not continue. We need the support of the public to make this happen. Please call Mohawk Ambulance at 518-374-4468 and tell the owner, Jim Mcpartlon to settle a contract that brings his employees out of poverty. Please sign our petition asking Mohawk Ambulance to offer their employees a fair and living wage. Thank you for your support.