Call on Nederlander to make a statement on his fiscal support of 45 and donate to #BLM

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James L. Nederlander is a highly influential theater producer, owner, and operator of Broadway theaters and beyond. His past fiscal sponsorship of Donald Trump and other damaging Republican's campaigns suggests that his wealth sourced from ticket sales have supported the current president's damaging and dangerous rhetoric which puts many Black and brown people in danger everyday.

The theater artists who tell stories in his theaters, alumni from "The Jimmy Awards" named after his father, fans of Broadway entertainment and networks beyond who seek to bring a voice to the voiceless demand that 1) Nederlander and his affiliates make a statement apologizing for their support of our current president. This statement should include a vow to cease empowering a campaign that regularly mocks, maims, and proclaims, especially in light of his dangerously impulsive reaction to mobilize the military and police force on peaceful protestors, that Black Lives don't Matter. 2) We would also like to see a donation to the Black Lives Matter and Claim Our Space organizations to redirect his financial power and influence to communities that have been systematically oppressed for far too long and are actively seeking to make major changes in America, finally laying its lengthy history of oppressing Black and brown bodies to rest.