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Cancel The View

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Are you tired of The View spreading hate and racism every single day. Are you tired of them being so bias against our President ? Whether you are for or against our President it really doesn't matter. If nothing else just the office of the POTUS should be respected PERIOD ! This petition is not about supporting our POTUS. This petition is against all the hatred, lies, and the encouragement and support of the division that is going on in this Country right now. We don't need this type of hatred or TV show. It's time to move on and begin to heal our Country. Enough is enough ! Ever since Donald Trump became president, the liberal nitwit hosts of The View have spent every episode of their talk show bashing and trying to discredit the President of the United States. The Hot topics segment starts, continues, and ends with bashing and hatred of President Trump everyday. They have  included Melania and in the past even brought Baron, a child in to it. Joy Behar has stooped so low to bash VP Pence on religion. When she received backlash from what she said she cried fowl but it's Ok for her to say all the crap that she does everyday. She can dish it out but can't take it. This show is not an entertainment show. It is nothing but a liberal political bash our President show. It's all one sided. There is not one co-host on this show who is a supporter of our President. At this point I would just welcome anyone that is just neutral. Megan McCain does try and correct facts when they constantly misquote things but she always gets interrupted and talked over then dismissed when she points out what the others have just said that is a lie. Both sides need to be represented equally. Whether you agree with it or not Donald Trump is our President and with that title there needs to be a certain amount of simple respect for that office. Whoopi shows absolutely no respect. Addresses him as you know who or that guy in that office. This is disgusting and can not be tolerated. She would be outraged if Obama was disrespected by someone like her.  Whether you voted for him, like him, etc. he is the POTUS. Why the network allows this total disrespect is beyond me. They want to talk about diversity but then they do everything to divide us. I totally get that their Hot Topics segment is just that to talk about things that are current news and President Trump is at the top of that list but does it have to be all of the negative. Joy Behar twist everything to throw a jab at him. Joy tries to relate everything back to a bash to our President even when they are not doing Hot Topics. She has even flat out lied and she misstates facts all the time. I don't understand how ABC allows that??  Another issue is what a racist show that this has become. Whoopi Goldberg makes EVERYTHING a black thing. How are we ever going to end racism with people like her constantly making it a black or white thing. We have got to stop this. We don't need shows like this. They take shows like Last Man Standing off of the air and now Rosanne due to things the main characters say off of the show and then allow shows like this trash to remain. I ask you to please sign supporting this petition to force this and these type of shows off of the air. Let's send a loud message that we don't want these type of shows anymore. Your voice does matter. Please send ABC and James Goldston and Channing Dungey a loud message. Also, The best thing that you can do is NOT watch. Change the channel right when it comes on. I do it everyday. They do watch ratings. It's all about the ratings and if people aren't watching their ratings go down. Might even be time to totally boycott ABC.  Thank you for your support and please share this petition  

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