Immediate removal of Dona Vaughn from the Manhattan School of Music faculty

In order be given and to maintain the privilege of teaching and leading a community, especially an educational community, one must practice a constant willingness to grow - i.e. humility. ANYTHING LESS than thoughtful, non-defensive openness to the important question posed (even if one does not yet possess any answers) is a deal-breaker. Profound respect must be dedicated daily to the reckoning currently taking place in our world. Neither Ms. Vaughn nor MSM (in their subsequent public responses/explanations pertaining to this video) have demonstrated the ability to say, "This was very wrong." And then to humbly STOP their own voices THERE, creating the space to learn. A teacher/leader who doesn't prioritize constant learning does not deserve to teach. I wish no harm upon Ms. Vaughn and I don't believe that she should currently be filling this academic position.

Daisy Press, New York, NY, United States
5 months ago
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