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Increase funding of the Virginia Commonwealth University Communications Arts program.

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There are not enough sections available for all current students to sign up for their required classes, and our major is only growing. Our classes are packed and we DO NOT have room for the rising freshmen. We've been kicked out of the anderson gallery into an equally awful "carriage house" (garage) and the only other space we have is the fourth floor of franklin terrace with little to no room for all of those in our already vary large major which is only growing. Easels, stools, skeletons, and just about everything else we have is destroyed. We are not a small department, through my experience in AFO a VERY LARGE amount of freshmen were looking to major in comm arts. We can't afford to pay our teachers more than minimum wage while the president of VCU (Michael Rao) earns 1 Million dollars a year. We have had tuition hikes for several semesters one right after another and nothing has changed, they're even looking to increase tuition by 5% again, where is all of our money going? Teachers and faculty themselves have been telling us for years we have little to no funding and have been asking us to take a stand so here it is. I encourage you to read the comments below for more information and comments from other art students at VCU

"VCU President Michael Rao is the highest paid state employee for FY 2015-16 — amassing $900,940 in total compensation — according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s annual Salary Database for State Employees."

While I cannot speak for other specific majors within the arts department I have heard similar things happening all over VCU arts, and I would like to point out that VCU claims to be the #1 public art school.

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