Fix INFO-3104

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The purpose of this petition is to solve the issue of the poor setup of Relational Databases & SQL. 

This is a very important course and crucial to the student's understanding of web development, yet we are given almost zero resources to succeed. Every other course has at least four hours of lectures per week and on average has less expected of us in terms of labs. INFO-3104 has one 30 minute video per week that grazes over multiple new (and complex) subjects with minimal explanation. It is not that people do not understand the course, they are just not being taught properly. 

When learning new topics, we are only given one example that is two-three minutes at most. Things such as functions and procedures are crammed into two short videos that don't explain how to do anything. The actual graded questions at the end of each video are 10x harded than anything explained in the videos and when students have questions or need help they have no one to go to. 

The in-class teacher knows what he is doing, but has no resources from the college and because he is not involved in the creation of any lessons or material, is essentially useless when it comes to help. Not to mention, there is only 2 hours of in class time per week when you can't ask questions anyways. Multiple students have tried to email teachers for help, but get no responses. What if you don't understand a topic? Who do you go to? Right now we have no one. 

And on top of it all, now the final practicum and exam are coming up quickly, and no one feels like we have been properly prepared. We don't pay all this money to come and have to teach ourselves. 

In conclusion, the majority of people in the class feel that they are not being given the appropriate effort from the school when it comes to teaching us important material. All we are asking is to be able to have a chance to learn this multitude of new theory being thrown at us, not having to figure it out ourselves. We just want someone to respond to questions and actually explain how to do everything. The signatures of students on this petition should reflect how many people are struggling with this course and the way it is run. 

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